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Naked Zero

Destress Ade

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Maintaining healthy reactions to stress levels is important as we carry out the necessary demands on us. Make it a ritual to keep those levels in check.

Sip + chill to support relaxation and stress relief with the power of superfoods.

Made with real blueberry, and boosted with destressing magnesium and lemon balm extract. Delicious natural blueberry flavor.

Box contains 6 single-serving stick packs.

Featured Ingredients + Benefits:
  • Made with coconut water and real blueberry juice
  • Magnesium and lemon balm extract support relaxation and stress relief
  • Vegan friendly, no added sugars, natural blueberry flavor



organic coconut water powder*, magnesium, blueberry juice powder, natural blueberry flavor, lemon balm extract, salt, non-GMO citric acid, spirulina extract (color), organic mixed berry flavor*, organic stevia extract*, luo han guo (monk fruit extract)

* = certified organic

How To:

Add one packet of Destress Ade to 6-8 fl. oz. cold water for a superfood boost. Stir well and sip.