• Sue Khan

Why Naked Zero?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Naked Zero is my heart and my soul. After coming out of a very stressful season of my life, I decided it was time to start over, but really I had to start with me. I had to make time to slow down and really ask myself some deep questions. Who am I really? What do I enjoy? What do I want out of this life? Prior to this, I had never really stopped and just sat with myself long enough to contemplate anything.

See, I was a ‘YES’ woman. All my life I said, “YES”. To everything. Because that is what we are taught. To embrace opportunities, volunteer your time, join the clubs, sign up for the group projects and while all of these opportunities afforded me the lifestyle I have today, it also meant that I was living on what felt like auto pilot. Just saying “YES” to everything as it came and not taking the time to evaluate and decide intentionally if this is truly what I wanted, if it served me and if it was a step closer to my bigger purpose. I really didn’t even know what my purpose was. I was just existing, coasting, not really living.

I started to embark upon a minimalist journey after hearing about it from colleagues. It felt like an opportunity to consciously hit pause and start fresh. So that’s exactly what I did. I pressed pause and took stock of every part of my life starting with my things- or ‘trophies’ as I like to call them. You know, the stuff you buy to make up for the hours spent working, the proof that it’s all worth it. I got rid of everything; my Mercedes, my clothes, my shoes, anything that didn’t serve me I got rid of. The more I threw away, the more I found myself. The more I found myself, the more I got rid of.

Then came the point in time to consume again and I decided I would be intentional from herein. Conscious about how the things I bought affected the earth and the people in it, conscious about my body and what I was putting on it and in it. I wanted to be conscious about how I directed my life, how I spent my money, how my actions contributed to society, the environment, the economy. I became completely aware and conscious of my thoughts, my actions and my emotions. I wanted to make sure that what I consumed from then on was kind to the environment, my body, the earth and other people. That’s when I truly started to feel alive!

I started to research brands that fit in with my values and what I found was that on my island home, there wasn’t a central place that you could buy sustainable, plant based, plastic free, non-toxic products. So from there, Naked Zero was born.

Naked Zero is an approachable, high vibe, boutique store that houses high quality sustainable, eco-conscious, small batch brands from both Bermuda and overseas. Naked Zero: naked natural products, promoting zero waste.

Since then Naked Zero has evolved into so much more than just a store. As I continue to grow, my true desire is to bring Naked Zero along for my journey as it has played such a pivotal role in who I am today.

I want to continue to share, teach, inspire, learn and grow. My aspiration is to build a global community that transcends location, borders, seas and time. That connects consciously through consciousness. To create a community who together leaves the world a little better than they found it. A community who shares knowledge, supports each other, sets examples and ultimately lives life intentionally, consciously and NAKED.

What Is The Naked Zero Lifestyle?

Naked Zero is a lifestyle for the conscious. It is a decision you make every single day to CHOOSE YOU- to live consciously and with intention. To deep dive into thought about how your decisions impact your life, your purpose and the earth. To be conscious of the earth and the effect our consumption has on it. To be aware of our bodies and what we put in and on them. Naked Zero is a modern guide to living your highest level of a conscious life. Your go to place for all things intentional. But it is also an inherent challenge, a call to wake up and to live with true purpose. It is a call to authenticity- living Naked.

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