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Why You Are Not Manifesting Your Desires

Updated: Jan 13

The reason so many of us are not manifesting our desires is because of our limited beliefs of what is possible.

From birth until now, we have encountered many experiences, people, teachers, and moments that have shaped our belief system. While as children, we are told we can be anything (and we can). As we get older, we are hardened by outside factors, which limits our beliefs around what is possible and in turn limits what we believe we can manifest.

For example, as a child, you may have wanted to become an astronaut, but as you grew older you started to fail classes in science. You started to recognize that you were born in a small town where nobody even came close to obtaining a job as extravagant as an astronaut. Your parents told you to get a “practical” job and so on and so forth.

Over the years your experiences and interactions shaped your beliefs from the possibility of seeing the moon, to grounding you back to earth and making you believe that such an accomplishment is impossible for a small town woman/man who failed high school science.

The problem with this thinking is that we have allowed our current physical capacity and experiences to shape our reality. As such, our focus on not becoming what we desire to be continues to reappear in our perceived reality. Our words take shape and we find ourselves saying things that reinforce things unwanted. We start to tell ourselves that it is not possible, that small town people don’t get to be astronauts and we begin to speak that into our reality instead. Remember our thoughts become things and what we believe is what will manifest.

If you want to start manifesting a life on your own terms, if you want to start manifesting your desires, you have to commit to expanding your belief of what is possible. You must believe in your limitless nature. You do no have to know how but you must fully believe in your why and your what. Our job in manifesting can be easy- if we truly believe in the possibilities.

I find this difficult myself and I have been practicing this for years. I find that without evidence it is harder to believe, but that is exactly what faith is. Trusting and believing that all things are possible, knowing that the Universe is limitless and that there are many ways, unforeseen, that can create paths for your desires are what truly make manifestation work.

To start expanding your belief in what is possible, start telling yourself a different story. Start small. If you want to make more money, stop telling yourself that the industry you are in will never pay you the kind of money you want to make. Instead, work on the belief that there are limitless ways for money to come to you, your current job is just one of many vessels. Start working on how you feel around money and start changing your language.

If you have a dream that feels so big it feels unrealistic, break down the dream and work on telling yourself how possible it is. Start focusing your thoughts on the desire, not the lack thereof. Start telling the story of you accomplishing those dreams. Start believing in yourself and believing in the support of the universe. We all have the same limitless nature within, we just have to tap into it. We have to start unwinding the stories that our teachers, mentors, parents and society have penned for us and start telling ourselves a new story. A story that uplifts us, where success is inevitable and where we are in control of our mindset in achieving those goals.

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