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Where Art Thou Gayle (King)?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

I started 2020 off with a bang.

An amazing girls trip with my daughters and the Vision 2020 Tour with Oprah. THE OPRAH. I can't even begin to describe the energy in the arena that day. There were SO many nuggets of information and gems of knowledge that were dropped, that I know will shape my year, my decade, my life. There were so many women (and a few good men) there committed to changing their life and striving towards balance and wellbeing. It was this collective magic that you could feel all day. Knowing that every single soul in the room was there for the same reason - to grow, to expand, to be seen, to be more than they were yesterday. We were all there to change the trajectory of our lives and the world around us- for our highest good and the highest good of those whom we are closest.

...those whom we are closest. That part sticks out to me. Over the years I have been lucky to have the same circle of support, to varying degrees, but ultimately as the scene changed, the characters largely remained the same. It is a blessing and I am truly grateful. At times of further retro and introspection, I find myself digging deeper into the souls that fill my heart and my space. I did a lot of work last year of surrounding myself with people who inspire, motivate and just plain make me happy. I've narrowed my circle while still keeping those "characters" close enough that we share love, but enough space that I can allow new light and people in. It has been magical to watch myself step out of my comfort zone, but what is still painfully obvious is there is no Gayle.

Oprah spoke so proud of her friendship with her best friend Gayle. You could almost see them over the years; on the phone in bed, telling each other stories

of nothing, celebrating each other's triumphs, listening to each others deepest fears and raising each other

as the tides needed. You could feel the gratitude. You just knew their friendship was one of each others greatest gifts. It made you look around and within: who is your Gayle? How are you being Gayle for someone else? Have you shown up to your friendships with vulnerability, support, selfless? Do you bring that level of joy to your friends?

At that moment I yearned deeply for my own BFF. It was almost childlike. How beautiful it must be to have someone who has ridden through it all with you, no signs of jealousy, plenty of love and support. How warming it must be to nurture a friendship that transcends decades and seasons! How amazing to have YOUR person outside of your person.

Do you have a Gayle? I'm curious to know. If you are looking for your Gayle - what qualities are important to you? I think to find that person you must first discover yourself and show up bearing those qualities for yourself and others.

Cheers to Gayle's out there, we need you!

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