• Sue Khan

What About The Subconscious Mind?

Updated: Jan 13

Your subconscious mind is said to be the place where your beliefs are stored. Often times your beliefs are formed by where you were raised, your parents, society. Most of which were developed by the age of seven. You can almost think of your subconscious mind as a walking seven-year-old. How do you train young kids? With pictures and repetition. This is why affirmations, visualization and meditation are so necessary when transforming your belief system.

As a parent, I am so conscious of what I expose my children to, how I speak to and with them, who they interact with, my language and my energy around them. I know that with every word and interaction I am shaping their belief systems. While there is no way to get around the biases of transmitting your beliefs onto your children, we should at least be conscious about them. What is difficult is when you are unaware of the development of the belief system, therefore unaware of what they are exposed to and in turn unaware of what solidifies as their beliefs in their subconscious mind. While you will never know what sticks with your child and why, it is so important to me to be mindful. They are walking subconscious minds and I believe my job as a parent is to not fuck that up too much.

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