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Wellness Journey - Step 4: Build Your Wellness Toolbox

How do you handle stress, overwhelm, heartbreak, disappointment, challenges?

Do you have a mechanism or practice you turn to when you are feeling "off", defeated, having a bad day, low energy, negative vibes?

If you were thinking wine, I feel you, but let's be honest, we need something more sustainable than a glass of wine or a cold prosecco!

A few years ago, when I was feeling my most most anxious, stressed and overwhelmed, was I did not have my own wellness toolbox. I didn't have practices that I could turn to that I knew would raise my vibration and help me to shake whatever #anxiety or negativity I was experiencing. Instead, I blamed myself and others and lived in a constant state of stress and anxiety.

I also didn't realize the importance of cultivating those practices when things were going well, so that I could more easily lean on them when I needed to. I felt lost and a little lonely if I am honest, because I just didn't know how to shake the anxiety.

Having a wellness toolbox, means taking the time explore different practices that help create peace of mind for you. It's different for everybody which is why it is important to experiment for yourself. I know so many that find practices like yoga a saving grace. The mindfulness and stretching brings a sense of peace and expansiveness that sees them through dark times, but equally keeps them elevated during the best of times.

Yoga is not my thing. I have tried over the years and realize that it is actually more stressful for me which probably means I need to invest more time in it, but when I am already feeling stressed or overwhelmed taking on a stressful practice is not what I need.

Instead I turn to practices like #journaling, reading my Daily Stoic, writing lists of things that bring me joy, #meditation, #blogging, writing, reading and getting in a good sweaty #workout. Starting my daily early with intention when I am having a rough time, taking out my journal, getting my thoughts out of my head and onto paper, then moving my body instantly lifts my mood. It's why I created the 3M's morning routine - #Meditation, #Movement + #Mindfulness. I cultivate this practice daily, so that when I need it when times are tough, I can lean on it with ease. It's all about being proactive rather than reactive.

So how do you start cultivating your Wellness Toolbox?

This week, pick one practice to commit to daily (or at least 4-5 days of the week).

Here is a list you might try:

- journaling (get my FREE manifestation journal here)

- meditation

- yoga (check out my friend @mikiash app @thehowapp with so many useful resources for movement!)

- HIIT workout

- drawing

- writing

- dancing

- early morning quiet time

- a bath

- making a latter using adaptogens

- listening to music

- going for a long walk

- reading a book

- acupuncture


Take note of how you feel after you have done the practice each day. Does you feel productive? Positive energy? Higher vibration? More calm? Peaceful? or do you feel more scattered, stressed? Or do you feel nothing at all.

Stay consistent and try the practice consistently for a week or two before trying something different. Start developing your wellness toolbox one practice at a time. Cultivate that practice now, so that it is there for you when you need it most.

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