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Wellness Journey - Step 3: Monthly Plan With Me (February)

New month, new vibes! BRING IT ON.

A new month can be such a breath of fresh air. It's like mini New "Year's" Eve every month. Its a chance to press pause, re-evaluate, process feelings, celebrate wins + adjust accordingly where necessary.

Planning each month keeps me super motivated. It forces me to carve out time to review what is working and what isn't so that I can plan/pivot accordingly. Below I share my process with you so that you too can stay motivated, reflect + recharge if necessary + hold yourself accountable!

To Prepare:

  1. CALM - Set aside time to be intentional about your goal setting. Get quiet, ensure you have no distractions, set the mood, get cozy, grab your journal + get ready to plan.

  2. #DECLUTTER - Declutter your working space. Declutter your email. Declutter your messages. Unsubscribe. Delete. Mark all as read. Start FRESH.

OK - Let's Plan!

1. REVIEW - Review the goals you set last month for the month and/or the year. If you have ` not yet done this, check out my 2020 reflection + 2021 goal setting blog + download the planning sheets!

Journal prompts:

Do these goals still resonate with me?

Are these goals still relevant?

Do I still feel motivated to accomplish these goals?

Remove any goals that are no longer relevant.

2. REFLECT - Take time to reflect and celebrate all wins. Reflect on how you felt during the month. Make sure you are staying in touch with your true feelings + acknowledging them.

How do I feel now?

How did I feel this month?

Were there any major shifts to my mood? If so, what caused them?

Is there anything I need to forgive or let go?

What goals DID I accomplish?

What goals did I NOT accomplish + why?

3. PLAN - Set intentional goals for the month ahead. Remember QUALITY over QUANTITY. Set goals you intend to accomplish. It is better, more motivating and more rewarding to accomplish one goal + work towards it with consistency, then to set 10 lofty goals and not accomplish them.

What will you feel good about accomplishing this month?

What new habits do you want to develop this month?

What is one new activity you want to try this month?

What is one social event you want to prioritize this month?

How do you want to feel?

What steps todo you need to take to accomplish these goals?

4. SET #GOALS - I personally set goals around how I want to feel. I focus on personal, #spiritual, #relationships, #friendships, #movement, #mindfulness + #gratitude beacuse these are within my control. Make sure that your goals can be measured.

For example: re: movement - working out 4x per week, or for friendships - pick up the phone and call one friend per week.

Tracking your goals gives a sense of accomplishment + consistency will create the habit!

5. TRACK - Use a habit tracker to track your progress. You have no idea (or maybe you do) how fulfilling it is to track your goals every month. It creates a sense of accomplishment and is a great tool to reflect on how far you have come! Consistency is everything!

Download my free Habit Tracker below! I will be using this tracker all month + sharing my progress to my IG stories @nakedzerolifestyle.

Habit Tracker Blank
Download PDF • 128KB

Being consistent with my 3M (#Mindset, #Movement, #Mindfulness) Morning Routine is definitely a Feb goal! I notice when I commit to this routine I feel so much energy, motivation + just all around peace! If you want to follow along + track as well Download my FREE 3M Morning Routine Habit Tracker + Track with me! PS, you can download these to your phone and color them in if you don't want to print!

Habit Tracker - Morning Routine 3Ms
Download PDF • 133KB

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