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Valentine's Gift Guide

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Treat yourself this Valentine's Day (and anything else you get is just extra)!

I'm so over Valentine's Day just being for the lovers. As much as I hate being forced to buy something just because it's a "holiday" (not even in this case), I think Valentine's Day is a really good excuse for some serious self love and investments into your own self care. Treat yourself to some goods that will last long past Valentine's Day and will remind you to keep up with your own

self lovin'!

1. Moon Juice Dusts - These adaptogenic blends are great for stress relief and good vibes. I especially love the beauty dust because it is jam packed with herbs that are great for preserving beautiful youthful skin while combatting stress! The sex dust is a natural aphrodisiac so if you are feeling a little lovers vibe, add some of this to your tea to release your inner goddess! I love to add the beauty dust to ASE Naturals goddess tea, but I'm all for a sex dust latte!

2. Gua Sha Rose Quartz Facial - All about the youthful skin vibes and this tool is perfect for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Its also amazing lymphatic drainage, easing tension and reducing stress. I find using these kind of tools so therapeutic.

Pro Tip - put in the fridge before use. The cold stones feel amazing!

3. Mario Badescu Facial Mist Trio - I love a good facial mist. After I moisturize, a quick spritz makes me feel so luxe! I love to spray lavender at night, hibiscus in the morning and the aloe as a refresher through the day.  The aloe is so good when it's warm out- just keep misting the face to keep it cool from the sun! I'm obsessed with hibiscus right now, so I may or may not be using this as an all over body mist! Don't judge me!

4. Heart Shaped Mugs - I am a sucker for a good cup of tea (or matcha), but I hate having mix matched mugs! My minimalist heart loves a complete set of 4 white mugs. I do have a couple pieces of my grandmothers China that I only use for special tea parties with my mom and sis (yes, I still have tea parties!). I love these heart shaped mug not only because they're heart shaped but because they are clear and match my existing dishes so well. Also, you cant just buy one! 

5. Smeg Retro Electric Kettle - Speaking of tea, there is nothing better than a chic tea pot! I'm not at all a coffee drinker, it instantly gives me the shakes, but I drink like 4 cups of tea a day! I just love this Smeg Retro Kettle. Of course, I'm going for the white vibe to match my dishes, but if you are a pink girl (or guy) it's the perfect Valentine's gift (comes in a beaut polished stainless steel too!) Also, Smeg has a matching toaster that I'm itching to grab!

6. Highline Wellness CBD - We all deserve a good night of beauty rest! Sleep is so important for de-stressing, hormonal regulation, brain rejuvenation and so much more. If you struggle with sleep like I have in the past, try these CBD gummies! I also LOVE that this brand has daytime gummies. If you suffer from anxiety, or know that you can be prone to anxious moments, check out their line of day time gummies!

7. Slip Silk Pillow Cases - Speaking of sleep, I am such a princess at bedtime. Like, I need my sound machine ON, my CBD gummy, no phones charging and nice cool sheets! True story- when I was a child my grandmother bought me silk pillow cases to sleep on. I loved it so much I would carry around a piece of silk and call it my "softy" ( don't @ me you're the first to know). These Slip Silk pillow cases are super luxe and perfect for a great night sleep while protecting your hair and skin's moisture in tact!

8. Journal - I'm a sucker for a good journal, in fact everything in this post is perfect for a good journaling session. Shower, give yourself a mini facial, spray some lavender facial mist, curl up with a cup of tea in bed, journal, take a gummy and call it a night! Bliss!

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