• Sue Khan

the NAKED LIST: My Sweet Reason

Updated: Jan 13

Okay, I am usually not a big fan of fizzy drinks but these are SO refreshing! My kids LOVE sparkling water, but I am just NOT a fan. Recently, I was hanging out at Health Infusion (local IV Lounge in Bermuda) and grabbed a Sweet Reason Grapefruit drink to try it out. Each glass is infused with 7mg of CBD. I love CBD and have found so many great benefits using it, so I thought, why not give it a try! and OMG, it is literally CHILL in a bottle. Despite it being super fizzy, the light taste makes it really refreshing! I also LOVE that it is in a glass bottle because yeah, plastic sucks! I now like having 6 at a time and love to grab one for my virtual happy hours or during family movie night. I’ve been swapping it for wine and its been giving me major chill vibes! HIGHLY recommend!

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