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the NAKED LIST: Magic Spoon Cereal

Updated: Jan 13

Fam, if you are like me, and trying to eat more plant based, but concerned about the protein intake, OR love a good work out but do NOT love the after workout protein shake options, OR if you’re a big kid and want little kid’s cereal without all of the crap, you HAVE to try the Magic Spoon Cereal!

I love that the cereal is protein packed, gluten AND sugar free. I’ve noticed that gluten (but more specifically sugar) does a number on my tummy, so I have been on the HUNT for more gluten and sugar free options. I must say I did NOT think I would find a cereal that fit the requirements, but I did.

I am a sucker for packaging, so the retro packaging and fun boxes sold me from the gate. I was also SOLD on all of the total crunchy mom things like: sugar free, gluten free etc, but I did NOT expect that it would taste SO GOOD!

First up, the fruity cereal literally tastes like a better version of Fruit Loops, less all the junk. I didn’t think it could carry such a bold and sweet flavor, but when it did I was kind of shocked and immediately started looking into the ingredients again because I just couldn’t believe it could taste SO good.

Magic Spoon uses monk fruit sweetener and stevia to sweeten the cereal. I am a fan of monk fruit sweetener, so I was really happy to see it listed. It gives the cereal the sweetness it needs without overpowering it, all while making it taste like Saturday morning cereal of the past!

I am not a chocolate or cocoa fan, but my husband and children are and they all absolutely LOVED it.

My second favorite flavor was the blueberry, it has the same sweetness as the fruity flavor. I might be of the minority when I say this, but I like my cereal to have a nice milk coating, not too soggy but enough that you know its been in there a little while— a little soggy on the outside but crunchy on the inside? Just me? Hard to explain, but this blueberry cereal in the oat milk was INSANE. SO SO GOOD!

The frosted was my least favorite, but only because it was the most plain and I was looking for a good sweet cereal, but if you don’t care too much about the sweetness this is the one for you!

I haven’t even gotten into the protein! But there are 11 grams per serving!! Can cereal be a post work out boost instead of a shake? I’m OBSESSED!

Ps. I may or may not have invited Riley’s godfather and aunt over for a cereal dinner date! It was well worth it!

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