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the Naked List: Home Office / Gym Must Haves

Updated: Feb 19

If you follow me on IG, I recently revealed my garage transformation. I always talk about how nature abhors a vacuum, and that where there is space, nature seeks to fill it, so you must fill with #intention. Well, I did NOT do that with my garage. When we moved in, we used it to house all the items from our move that we didn't have a designated place for at the time. It also was home to suitcases (travel, remember that?!), strollers, kids memory boxes etc. Not very #minimal + not very intentional at all.

During lockdown, I realized I didn't have a calm place for me to just reset and re-center. I usually would just go, go, go and then book a vacation to reset but with the inability to travel due to Covid I realized the importance of creating calm at home and inserting it into my daily routine. I decided to transform the garage into my Minimalist Sanctuary aka a calm place to separate work from family, reset + just vibe. I used my 7 go to steps to downsize and transform the space, and while it is still a work in progress (part of something bigger I am manifesting...eek!) I am SO happy with how it has turned out!

Check out this BEFORE + AFTER //

I decided to be very intentional about what I bought into the space to keep it #minimal and purposeful. Check out all my must haves below!


Standing Desk - because it is so important to not spend the whole day sitting!

Bike Desk - Probably my most favorite. Love to jump on and check emails or take calls from here!

Shoe Rack - I didn't want a large book shelf because you know what happens with clutter magnets. Instead I repurposed this shoe rack to make a mini shelf!


Theragun - I love this for after a workout, it feels SO good. I have the mini but there are larger ones with more features!

Air purifier - It is still a garage, so to make sure to improve the air quality as best I can I added a mini one!

Diffuser - Because whats a zen space without some essential oils going?

Ankle Weights - Bala is my favorite, they are super sleek. Love using them while I'm doing laundry or running errands. Neutral tones of course.

Fitness Bands - I low key thought just buying these bands will give me a body like Denae, Bermudian personal trainer of Fitness Dynamics. It didn't but I use them anyway! We gonna get there!

Yoga Blocks - Because yoga really isn't my thing so I NEED these blocks to get a good stretch on!

Moon Phase Mats - My sister in law put me on to these and I am obsessed! I love how they just finish the room.

not pictured: Cloud Magetic Key holder - it is the CUTEST thing, super #minimal, I use it to hang my yoga straps!

Then I added life! I love how fresh greenery just brightens the room. I added a snake plant, succulent and a congo plant. Love how they just finish the space! #plantmom

Still have a few more things to do in here to finish the space and then just patiently waiting for the bigger project! Can't wait to share!

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