• Sue Khan

The #1 Thing I Learned From Lady Gaga

Updated: Jan 13

During the Oprah Vision 2020: Your Life In Focus Tour, Oprah revealed a surprise guest: Lady Gaga. I'm not going to lie, I didn't know exactly how I would receive her and was expecting more of a performance than what actually went down.

Lady Gaga joined Oprah on the stage, sat quietly and just looked into the souls of each one of us. You knew at that moment something major was going to happen.

Oprah interviewed Lady Gaga (like only Oprah knows how) with very little probing, Lady Gaga opened her heart and soul so wide to us. She was completely vulnerable and transparent and delivered some of the most real and experienced advice. She spoke on everything from chronic pain, autoimmune disease, surviving sexual assault, psychotic episodes, the usage of therapy and medicine to heal, her creativity, her giving nature, her foundations and her passions.

She spoke about how her radical public stunts were just that– publicity stunts to get us all to pay attention. She was an actress playing her part and now we were all cracked wide open and listening.

That day, she delivered some of the most powerful advice that I will hold close forever. She spoke extensively on the need to radically accept others and ourselves for our own peace, happiness and fulfillment. Radically accepting who you are and where you are is fundamental to our existence. Also, radically accepting other people for who they are rather than trying to get them to fit the mold in which we are trying to place them. This is not only selfish, but it is imprisoning to ourselves. How can we be happy if we are constantly evaluating people through our own limited lenses? No matter how close we are to someone, we do not know intimately their experiences, so how can we enforce change upon them.

Radical acceptance is a selfless love without condition. It is a love without judgment. As much as we are expansive beings, we must radically accept fundamentally who we are. It doesn’t mean that we do not make the effort to change unwanted things about ourselves, it means that we accept us for who we are and where we are today. Full stop. No apologies. No feeling sorry for ourselves. No inner criticisms– just acceptance.

I challenge myself to radically accept who I am today, without judgment of who I was, am, or who I want to be. I award myself that peace and that confidence. Acceptance without any conditions. And I extend that to all in my circle.

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