• Sue Khan

Finding Gratitude In Times of Uncertainty

Updated: Jan 13

A gratitude practice has been key to finding light in many situations for me. Funny enough, a month ago I was feeling stressed about not being able to get off of the island. Between work, family commitments, changes to businesses, my husbands schedule, kids in different schools and the rising cost of air travel, I started on this negative rampage about how small Bermuda is and how its difficult to get off the island. I felt limited and cut off from the expansive world beyond our shores. Now here I am, a month later, and we are being told to remain in our homes until further notice. Instead of going back to feeling stuck, trapped and limitless, I retreated within and searched for all the reasons to be grateful.

Despite the uncertainty and chaos around us, negative news spreading world wide, I find myself grateful for all the little things:

- More time with family

- An opportunity to teach my kids new things: baking, cooking, painting

- Teachers and their patience with my own kids

- Opportunity to work with my husband

- Time to read the books on my list

- Bermuda (there is probably nowhere else I’d want to be “stuck”)

- Ability to work from home

There is so much to be grateful for at any given time. If you are struggling with what has become our “new” but hopefully temporary “normal”, try sitting with yourself and write for 5 minutes everything that comes to mind that you are grateful for. From your warm bed at night, the ocean nearby, the sun on your skin, whatever comes to mind. I promise you will feel better after!

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