• Sue Khan

5 Steps to Shift Your Energy

Updated: Jan 13

Have you ever found yourself in a situation, job, or relationship that just didn’t feel aligned? That was me two years ago. I was unhappy with my work/life balance, I felt uninspired, overwhelmed and unhappy. I felt like everything around me wasn’t going as planned and nothing was working out. I saw other people excelling and thought that there was some external source, society, unwritten rules that meant I was plateauing and that my career was never going to reach the height I once set for myself. What I didn’t realize at the time was my continued focus on what wasn’t working was creating more scenarios that generated the same feelings of inadequacies. What I know now is that what you focus on expands. Whether negative or positive what we turn or #focus on and what we expand our #energy on is what will continue to manifest.

Now I am much more aware of my focus. I notice when I am spending too much time or energy on the negative- more negativity persists. My emotions are an accurate guidance system and when I am conscious of them I can easily identify whether I am aligned or not. It is important not to disregard our feelings, to process them and understand them because they are indicators of our wellbeing. But it is equally important to begin the process of pivoting to avoid a negative downward spiral. We are what we think and what we think and focus on manifests.

Here are 5 ways you can take control, pivot, and find positivity in an otherwise negative situation.

1. Express gratitude. Find something about the job, relationship, situation that you are grateful for.Gratitude is such a pure vibration. Finding things to be grateful for and focusing on them will generate more reasons to be grateful. It also shifts your perception from the negative to the positive almost immediately.

2. Set boundaries. Control is about boundaries. The only people that are unhappy about boundaries are those that benefit from you not having any. If you’re unhappy with work, set boundaries around when and how long you will work. If you are unhappy in your relationship, set boundaries for your interaction. Putting boundaries around what you will and will not accept is empowering. Adhering to them and enforcing them will increase your confidence.

3. Be #mindful of your language. I truly believe we live in an energy driven magnetic universe where like attracts like. The more you complain and focus on the negative, the more you will attract similar negativity. Be mindful of how you speak about what you consider your “reality”. We have the power to speak things into existence. Notice when you are speaking and perpetuating negativity and reframe your words instead. One powerful reframing is from “I have to” ← restricting, forceful, to “I get to” ← that of choice and flow.

4. Visualize. Actively spend time thinking and visualizing your ideal job, partner and relationships. Feel all the feels as you #visualize. Write down in great detail what it would feel like to have this job or relationship. How would you feel? How would you carry yourself? Step into this future self and act as if. It is POWERFUL in attracting that which you desire.

5. Let go. Forgive yourself, #forgive others and let it go. Micro managing and manipulating the outcome causes more stress and anxiety. Decide to let it go. And release the tension associated with holding onto your drama. It is so freeing.

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