• Sue Khan

Secret Sleep Hack

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

You will hear me talk about sleep A LOT. It is something that in my most stressed out state I struggled with for YEARS. I still have moments where I struggle to shut off, but usually it is passion and not anxiety keeping me awake. For that, I am SO grateful. I have also had enough experience observing myself and my struggles with sleep that I know what I need to do to restore restfulness. There is one hack that I stumbled on almost by mistake, but that I have now used almost religiously for 4 years. When I don’t use it, I notice it. It has become a routine not just for me, but also my husband. It promotes a calm atmosphere for a restful night sleep and because I have used it so consistently over the years, my body almost uses it as a signal to sleep, which makes it extremely beneficial for jet-lag.

Drumroll pleassseeee! Introducing: the White Noise Machine! I bet you thought it was something fancy?! When my daughter was born, we noticed she would calm from the shushing of our voices. When that got tired, we used the vent on the stove in the kitchen. Then we realized there were apps that we could use. So, we took an old cell phone and used the app to help to settle her. We also noticed that when the sound went off, she would wake shortly after. Because we didn’t want to have cell phone near her all night, we looked up white noise machines and found a bunch of them on Amazon. The girls all started out in our rooms (as we are co-sleepers) so over the years we got accustomed to having the white noise machines in our room. Now my husband and I cannot sleep without them! Its become part of our nightly routine to climb into bed, switch on the machine and cuddle before going to sleep. For me, the white noise is calming and I almost start to focus on the noise until I fall asleep. My body knows when the noise is on its time for bed.

Funny enough our girls no longer need it and it is us who can’t sleep without it. We use apps when we travel or find white noise on YouTube so that we can continue with our sleep routine. It so beneficial for us, when we were in Maui over the summer, we initially struggled with the jet lag. We started using the white noise to get the whole family to sleep at a reasonable hour. We were able to shift our rhythms within a day or so using it for nighttime sleep and naps.

Have you tried a white noise machine before? What is your favorite brand?

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