• Sue Khan

Putting Yourself First Isn't Selfish

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Somehow during the evolution of society, friendships and relationships we are taught or conditioned to believe that putting yourself first is selfish. We build our lives supporting others, our friends, or families but especially our partners. We hold the home down when they are spending time with friends, working, building their careers. We show up to all of their accomplishments. We spend our spare time with them because we have built ourselves around our connection to them.

Somehow, we manage to sprinkle in time for dinners with friends, birthdays and occasional trips, but at our very core we have sacrificed ourselves for someone else. What I have learned intimately over the last few years is putting yourself first creates unparalleled confidence and empowerment and is a magnet for opportunities and experiences beyond my wildest dreams. I stopped waiting for others and instead put myself first. I made my happiness and fulfillment in life my top priority. I decided it was important that I was number one for me. As a result I have found immense levels of self-confidence, opportunities to travel and increase my income, as well as business partnerships. It is truly my passion that women step into their true power.

There is so much life to live on the other side.

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