• Sue Khan

Packing Like A Minimalist

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

I love to travel! Travel for me is a chance to get away, explore, reconnect, slow down and live intentionally without distraction. It is so important to me not to spend my travel time in malls or shopping. I prefer to travel as light and as smart as possible so that I am not distracted or overwhelmed. But as we all do, we want to look good on vacation, so here is how I pack like a minimalist!

My #1 Tip is to pick a color scheme for your vacation. My go to is always nudes and neutrals because it makes mixing and matching easy and everything goes together!

image via theeverygirl.com // photo by: iron + honey

Here is my go to packing list for a Spring/Winter Vacation. Just add underwear!

· 1 heel

· 1. Flat

· 1 sneaker

· 3 solid tops/body suits

· 1 black, 1 blue jean

· 1 legging

· 1 dress

· 1 blazer or duster

· 1 hooded sweater

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