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How I Got Through My New Year Anxiety with Self Care

Updated: Jan 13

Where do I start? I wanted to address what to me sometimes feels like the elephant in the room around the New Year. I, as do most people, love the chance for a fresh start, new leaf(?). I especially love that for us after what may have felt like the most tumultuous year. last year But what I don't often see? The acknowledgement of the anxieties that come with the new year - and I'm not just talking about the pressure to set goals and achieve them. I'm talking about the anxiety and fear surrounding a year of unknown and uncertainty.

Maybe it's just me?

Think about it, we were all sitting together collectively (and figuratively) with our 2020 VISION: New Year, New Me, New Goals. We were excited about the year ahead. 2020 felt so fitting for a year of change, clarity and breakthroughs. But who would have known the year that lie ahead? Who would have predicted all that transpired. (I'm not going there listing them, but you know what I mean!) None. of. us. That's the anxiety that I am talking about.

The thought that we have absolutely no clue what the contents of the year ahead. What will unfold? What can transpire. I mean, could we have predicted an insurrection?

I realized I needed to let myself sit in this for a minute, and to blog about it, because in all honesty as much as these blogs are requested, they are therapeutic to me. Some of my biggest breakthroughs come about as I write so I needed to process this fear and anxiety and what it means.

As I type this I am reminded that the uncertainty of a full year ahead doesn't have to be daunting. While it may feel heavy, and raise anxious thoughts, there is also a flip side. There is a flip side to everything in life and sometimes you have to sit with your thoughts, feelings and emotions long enough to uncover the flip side. Its the law of polarity in action. Everything has two "poles" - good/bad, love/hate, attraction/disconnection. It means while there is a full year of uncertainty there is also a full year of possibilities. Knowing that we can not predict the future, and never will be, is also a reminder to remain present and live in the present moment. What is important in the present moment? Love, connection, stillness, compassion, community. It reminds me that the material things are not important, that the experience is always more important than the "things" and to let go of trying to "figure things out" and instead just BE.

Uncertainty can be a blessing if you let it. It is important to also make sure that you don't just dismiss your feelings and instead acknowledge them, feel through them, understand "the flip side" and move forward with intention.

If you are feeling some New Year anxiety here are some ways that you can move through it:

  1. Feel the feels. Only YOU can pull yourself through it, so you have to acknowledge the feelings, accept them, bring them down to your level and then DECIDE to move forward. Meditate, take a few days off, spend time with others, put down the phone, journal, whatever it is you need to do to bring the anxiety to your level so that you can reason with it and find the flip side.

  2. Be present. This can sometimes be even more difficult when it is new. We are so used to filling every single moment, glorifying multi-tasking, cluttering our schedules that it feels odd to actually have the space to be in the moment. When is the last time you waited in line without pulling out your phone? How about watching a movie without checking your phone? Or spending time with loved ones without reaching for the phone to capture the picture? It takes conscious effort and can sometimes feel odd, but do it consistently and suddenly the world feels brighter: you actually feel the cool breeze in the air, notice a house on the road you haven't seen before, pick up on a loved ones expressions, feel the love stronger. Its a beautiful feeling when you get used to it.

  3. Indulge heavily in self-care. It is time for us to quit glorifying being busy, and instead normalize scheduled me time and self care. Self care is different for everyone. For me, it is the long Sunday shower, the body scrub ritual, washing hair and in depth skin care routine, Monday morning meditations and writing sessions and early morning me time. It is so important for this time to be scheduled, non-negotiable and consistent. Again, it may feel odd at first, but with consistency you will crave it.

The anxiety of the unknown is normal, we are all human, but we have the power to work through it. When you acknowledge what you are feeling and bring it down to your level you have the ability to reason with it and move through it. Being present means limiting your time for worrying about the future and instead enjoying the moment you are in. Carving out time for self care is a practice that pays dividends. Make it a habit and watch your life and your mood change.

The best thing about these practices is that you can add them to your toolbox, so the next time you are dealing with a wave of emotion you have the steps to get through it. That's what this journey of self is all about. Understanding who you are, what works for you and your mindset and body, and knowing how to utilize it when you need it most.

For more inspo - check out my pinterest. I pin lots of quotes + vibes that help to brighten my day. And as always if this resonated with you, leave a comment, send me a DM @nakedzerolifestyle, share with others that could benefit.

We are all in this together!


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