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Quarantine Morning Routine

Updated: Jan 13

For anyone that is working from home, especially those with kids, putting boundaries around the day is key to making it out in one piece. The day is filled with so many demands (work, kids, tidying, cooking, cleaning, quality time) so keeping a morning routine is the essential time that I carve out for me. My family knows the importance of this time and for the most part will respect it. I also demand it, which is equally important. In order to give to others, I have to give to myself and a morning routine is how I commit to that. The benefit of being at home means that I can take a little longer with my routine and I don’t have to be bound by getting the kids dressed, fed and out of the door on time for school. Instead, I can give myself a solid hour or two once I get up. The kids can wait!

My routine looks a little different these days, but I really enjoy it and look forward to it each morning.

New Morning Routine for Quarantine:

1. Immediately when I get up, I lay in bed for 5 minutes and mediate, visualize and or give thanks. There’s something about those 5 minutes of absolute silence that I love.

2. Grab my journal, book, Universe Has Your Back cards and climb back into bed (the best part!)

3. I typically start with my journal and write a bunch of things I am grateful for. I have found gratitude to be an integral part of my perspective during this time. I never run out of things to be grateful for and enjoy thinking of all the things that I love and that make me smile. So many of the things that end up on my list are things I took for granted before all of this! Recalling them puts me in the best mood!

4. Read one chapter of my book. It is so nice to snuggle in bed alone and read my book! I take all the time I need and read a whole chapter before getting out of bed. I take notes, highlight and really enjoy my time in bed with my book. Its one of my favorite parts!

5. Then I pull a card to set the vibe for the day. I am never not setting the vibe! I love to pull a card in the morning, they are all super thoughtful and motivational. I take the card with me to my workstation and keep it nearby throughout the day to keep the vibes high.

6. Once I’m done all of that, I get up, make my bed, get cleaned up and get dressed.

7. I walk through the house and open the blinds and the windows to let the light in. The house is usually still pretty quiet at this point, so its almost meditative to walk through and open the house for the day.

8. Turn on the kettle and brew a cup of tea.

9. While the tea is brewing, I switch on my diffuser. I like to do lime essential oil during the day; its so bright and uplifting. Then I switch to On Guard at night!

10. Once the kettle boils, I make my tea and sit near the window or outside and enjoy a quiet cup by myself. It feels so peaceful to be outdoors or in the house while everything is still and quiet. Usually one of my little humans will have started to stir at this point, so one of them ends up in my lap while I finish my tea. By this time I’m in an amazing mood and am welcoming them in for morning hugs!

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