• Sue Khan

the NAKED LIST: My Soul CBD Gummies

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

I’m a huge fan of #CBD! In the past I have suffered from both insomnia and anxiety. While I do sometimes have bouts of each, I usually know exactly what is triggering them so I find it much easier to manage! Often times, now though, my reasons for sleepless nights are from the waves of inspiration I get as I settle for bed. I get to bed and I have so many creative thoughts that I can’t settle and get to sleep. Anybody else struggle with this?

To help settle my thoughts and relax before bed I refrain from using my phone too close to bed time, charge my phone in another room and use #CBD. My new favorite is My Soul CBD gummies. I used them everyday for a month or so, and it wasn't until I used the whole bottle that I really saw what the effects were. Initially, when I first started using them, I didn’t really see much change, but after about 3 days I noticed an almost immediate effect. My mind would slow down and I would be able to fall asleep easily and STAY ASLEEP! I keep them by my bedside so that when I am ready for bed I can just grab one and go to sleep. If you are someone that struggles with racing thoughts, give them a try! They also taste super yummy!

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