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My New Simplified Minimalist Morning Routine

If you've been following me on instagram, you may have seen me post about my 3M's routine. It's a simplified morning routine that I have been implementing over the last year to make sure that I am equally nourishing my #mind, my #body and my #spirit.

It was SO transformative over 2020 when the world was being shaken upside down and turned inside out. It kept me grounded and my mind focused and clear while being able to process my feelings in a healthy productive way. I love that it gives a framework for structuring your morning or your day but also provides the flexibility to customize it to your liking.

By nature, I am a person that enjoys some level of change. I get bored doing the same thing over and over. I draw inspiration from different environments, people and interactions. This morning routine is perfect if you are someone who enjoys a bit of guidance, but likes to change things up.

It's simple. Doesn't take a lot of steps or time. And high quality if you are intentional about it. Quality over quantity. Stuff of my #minimalist dreams! I wish I had found this sooner.

So what's this new 3M Routine.




3 M's. Get it?


Carve out time to sit in silence. You can do a guided meditation on YouTube, set your timer for whatever time you have 2 mins, 5 mins, 20 mins (I suggest starting slow) and just focus on your breath. There are a number of apps like the Calm App, 1 Giant Mind or The How that I use meditate. You can switch up your meditation depending on your mood or the amount of time you have. The point is to quiet the mind for a moment and just BE. If you are new to meditating, you can read a little about my journey with #meditation here.


This is where you do something for the mind. #Journal, read a book, pull a card, listen to a podcast, write a gratitude list, study. I use this time to reflect, to pour into myself and to have fun while doing it. It helps me to set an intention for the day and to center my energy for the day ahead. One of my favorite things to do is to journal a list of things that bring me joy, pull a card and read a passage from my Daily Stoic book. But if I feeling particularly out of sorts, or have something on my mind, I adjust this practice to suit whatever I feel I need intuitively. Sometimes it means just curling up on the couch and reading a chapter of a feel good novel. Other times its journaling out my feeling about a particular incident that I need to get out and let go. Either way this is the time to center your energy using mindfulness practices.


I am no fitness guru, I don't even love working out all the time, what I do love is how I FEEL after the workout or movement. What I don't like is having to stick to the same workout regime unless of course I am working on something very specific. Otherwise, I like to mix it up. Somedays I need a long walk, others I need a good sweat. In the winter I like to lift weights more increase my heartrate and get in some good cleansing breaths from a good workout, while in the summer I prefer to do more toning exercises or walks. Whatever your "thing" is this is where you MOVE YOUR BODY.

So many of us work in sedentary jobs, where we aren't moving very much if we don't make a point of doing so. By incorporating this into my morning #routine, it means at the very least, I've gotten some #movement in before sitting. As with all the other components, you can customize your movement for how you are feeling, what your body needs and how much time you have.

What I love about the 3M routine is that it calls you to move from your #intuition and ask your self "what do I need today?" and then customize the 3M's for what you need intuitively.

Are you stressed and need a longer meditation? Do you need a long walk because you haven't been outdoors much? Do you need to journal out some pent up feelings?

In doing this practice consistently I have been able to cultivate such a beautiful relationship with myself through prioritizing the care of my mind and my body. It's so comforting and build so much confidence to know yourself so intuitively that you know how to fuel it!

I also love that the 3M routine can be done as a daily practice. You don't have to do it just in the morning. You can use it as a checklist everyday to make sure that you are filling yourself up holistically: mind, body and spirit.

If you are interested in tracking your 3M's to maintain consistency, download my FREE habit tracker here.

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