• Sue Khan

Morning Minimalist Skin Care Routine For Glowing Skin

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

I am not an elaborate skin regimen girl at all. I love simplicity- so I want a simple step skin care routine that is full of high-quality ingredients. Less is always more and I find in skin care that still holds true for me.

Here is my 5 step skin care routine that leaves my skin moisturized and glowing daily:

1. Wash face with warm water only using an organic cotton face cloth or facial rounds.

2. Pat dry with organic cotton reusable napkin, washcloth or towel.

3. Add 1 pump of Luna +. Quartz Star Gazer for under eye hydration. I suffer from dark circles and fatigue really shows up under my eyes, so keeping them hydrated is key.

4. Apply Luna + Quartz Atmosphere SPF. The combo of almond and coconut oil mixed with shea butter really moisturizes and brings out the glow. I love that this has SPF in it to protect the skin from harmful rays. PRO TIP: remember to moisturize your ears and neck.

5. Apply Mario Badescu Rose water spray mist for freshness. This really wakes me up and gives my skin the perfect finish.

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