• Sue Khan

Minimalism Can Be Applied To Everything

Updated: Jan 13

Minimalism is not just about "stuff". You really can apply it to all parts of your life. When I felt most overwhelmed, I embraced a minimalist lifestyle because I needed to reconnect with myself. I became so consumed with "stuff". Not in the hoarder sense, but more of a "these are my prizes for not taking the time to really live intentionally" type of way. Instead, I was consumed by material things. When I was ready to start connecting to myself, finding out who I was and what I was passionate about meant I had to start getting rid of the things that weighed me down. Today, I call myself a Modern Minimalist, because I've adapted and made a minimalist lifestyle that works for me. Its infused in everything that I do. I strive for quality over quantity in all parts of my life. It has been so rewarding! If you are struggling to figure out who you are, get rid of anything that's weighing you down and rebuild based on things that light you up. If you are struggling with time management, simplify and minimize your schedule. If you are struggling with finances, take the time to think about how much "stuff" you spend your money on.

If you are struggling with friendships, minimize and choose the quality friends over the quantity. Minimalism really is a lifestyle!

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