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Meet Miki!

Updated: Jan 13

I first met Miki about three years ago while on soul-cation in Tulum, Mexico. She is just such a ray of light + true goddess! She gives the best hugs and has such a beautiful spirit!

Over the last year, Miki traveled around the world spending a few weeks in many different countries before finally settling (very recently!!) in Austin Texas. We figured living out of a suitcase and living abroad must teach you a few things about life + how much you truly need!

We love that Miki uses her platform to highlight sustainable/ethical fashion and made sure to ask her for a list of her favorite sustainable brands.

SK: We all watched your nomadic lifestyle documented so beautifully on your blog and on IG over the last year. What is the ONE thing that just had to travel with you no matter where you were?

MIKI: I always travel with a scarf, they are so versatile, from covering up in chilly airports to always having a place to lay out in the sun”

SK: What did you learn most about yourself while traveling the last year? MIKI: That I am much more capable than I ever give myself credit for and that less is so much more!

SK: Do you have a capsule or minimalist wardrobe? And if so what are some staples?

MIKI: Growing up in the fashion industry in LA, I‘ve always been surrounded by clothing, but now I do have a capsule wardrobe. Jean shorts & a pair of jeans that fit well are a must. As well as the classic white tee and a great pair of boots! What else do you need?

SK: What are your favorite ethical/sustainable slow fashion brands? MIKI: My favorite way to sustainably shop has always been second hand. I’ve been thrift shopping since elementary school! I never wanted to wear what all the other kids were wearing and scoured flea markets to find unique pieces. Still holds true to this day! Some brands I always find myself wearing or lusting over: Hara the Label, the Wylde, Savannah Morrow the Label, Vitamin A Swim

For more of her favorites, check her IG profile (@mikiash) + lifestyle section of her blog!

PS. Fam!

Miki has an incredible app called the HOW where she provides a lot of recorded meditations, yoga and podcasts of her sharing empowering and relatable messages to help build a grounding, spiritual practice. It really is THE HOW when thinking how to begin building a more mindful, intentional lifestyle. She has taken some of her artwork and created journals that are paired with the season to help commit your thoughts to paper and begin or continue your journaling practice.

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