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Manifesting A Million Dollar Business With Makaela Of Free The Fresher Recap

Updated: Jan 13

I had such a high vibe conversation with Makaela all about manifestation, law of attraction and energy. I had to capture some of the gems that she left us in a blog post so that you can apply it in your own life and business! There are SO many business courses out there that teach you HOW to start a business, but very few attempt to teach the mindset required to sustain entrepreneurship. For instance, the support you can receive from the universe to develop, establish and expand not on your business but your entire life. I find SO much comfort in knowing that I am co-creating with the Universe. I’ve studied dozens of successful people and believing in something greater, believing in themselves, knowing with certainty that they will be successful is a common thread amongst all of them and Makaela was no different.

Here are some gems she dropped:

1. Ask for guidance. If you are unsure what you want, ask for guidance. Journal about the things that bring you joy, feel free to day dream to figure out what brings you joy and then follow that joy. You don’t have to have it all figured out!

2. Have relentless optimism that EVERYTHING will work out and that everything is working in your favor. If obstacles present themselves, if things don’t appear to go as planned, know that this is all part of something bigger. Don’t give up, feel all that you need to, but keep going. KNOW that you are supported.

3. Protect your energy. It is so important to create boundaries around yourself and your energy. If you want to manifest, you want to make sure that your energy is in alignment with what you desire. Don’t let the negativity of others deter you from your dreams and desires no matter who they are! Makaela recalled not sharing some of her dreams with her own parents just to ensure that they didn't affect her vibes!

4. Practice gratitude. Be truly and sincerely grateful for what you have today. Whatever it is that truly brings you joy no matter how small, express gratitude for it. Make sure your intentions are pure, because the Universe will match your FEELING.

5. Be present. Makaela recalled how a simple conversation presented a new revenue stream for her business that increased her revenue potential beyond what she projected. Be present – you never know how the Universe is assembling your blessings and through what avenue they will come to you. Nothing is a coincidence, but you must be aware enough to recognize when opportunities are presented to you. Be present and stay open.

6. Stay the course. There are many times when you may feel that you're being tested and you will be. Check your energy and your purpose and get back on track. You are always supported. It is important to know and believe that, and to proceed knowing it is so. Stay with it. Makaela featured her journals of writing about her million dollar business, living in London, her apartment and her boyfriend all on IG long before any of it was so. She stayed the course and in time it manifested. Don’t give up on your desires. You have them for a reason!

7. Find out what works for you. There are so many ways to present your subconscious with thoughts and ideas that help you to rewire your mind and to expand your ideas of what is possible. Makaela uses journaling and I like to use a combination of visualization and journaling. While, others may use vision boarding. We are all different, find what works for you, try different methods. Have fun with it!

Here are some manifestation hacks from Makaela:

a. Don’t be afraid to dream big. Write something you’d like to manifest. Something that you truly desire, but in the present may feel out of your reach. Write it down. Every day, set a small goal that will help you to reach that larger goal. This helps your mind to reframe what is possible. It makes large goals feel attainable and the accomplishment of working towards it every day will bring you closer to your larger goal.

b. Purify your mind and body to manifest rapidly: Everything is energy, from what you say to yourself to the foods you consume— everything is energy and becomes apart of you! Protect yourself from low vibrations. Eat healthy meals, surround yourself with positivity, block out negative news. Become a vessel for manifestations.


Intro Books:

Ask And It Is Given

Think And Grow Rich


Youtube: Mel Robbins, Abraham Hicks

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