• Sue Khan

Let Life Be Your Coach

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Let me preface this by saying that I fully support and appreciate the work and role of a life coach, particularly in today’s society, when there are so many newly introduced complexities to everyday life. The world feels a lot smaller, social media is at the forefront, we are constantly privy to the lives of others and that opens us up to comparisons, opinions and interference that can cause us unnecessary stresses and anxieties. I have hired a manifestation coach in the past and I credit so much of my newfound mindset, successes and passions because of her work. At the same time, I must give all the credit to life itself. It is so easy for us to look for answers to our struggles outside of us. To seek resolution in someone that appears to have more knowledge than us. But nobody knows us better than we know ourselves. If we make the conscious effort to be observers of our own existence, we can start to see how our thoughts and actions influence what we perceive as our reality. Sometimes it just takes a conscious step backward to observe our own actions without judgment to find the answers we seek out in others.

2019 was one of the best years of my life. Mostly because I decided to consciously be an observer to find out what triggered me- what caused me stress and anxiety and where I was making excuses to not do me. I realized much of this was of my own creation. I always sought approval and justification for everything. Wanting it for myself wasn’t enough. I also noticed how reactionary I am. Instead of viewing things as they are, I immediately react to preserve my own feelings. If I felt attacked, I was instantly on the fence. I noticed I held myself back because of this voice in my head that reminded me of the worst case scenarios at all times, but being a conscious observer, I can now work on controlling that voice. I understand its purpose is to protect me, but I also understand and accept the challenge that I make the executive decision in the outcomes of my life. I work daily at becoming less reactive and instead responding with softness. It is hard work to take the personal values out of interactions that could cause disturbance within me, but I realize I was constantly reacting to conditions.

Life can be a relentless teacher, but it can also be a beautiful coach if you make the decision to work together. We sometimes treat “life” like some external force we cannot control, and while there are aspects that may be beyond us, how we react is totally up to us and can make the difference between continued peeve, openness to receive, living life fully and disturbing the peace.

I challenge you to let life be your coach. Put a gentle space between you and your interactions. Take everything as a lesson, apply it and allow it to shape you and your journey. It has brought me so much fulfillment and gratitude.

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