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Journaling For Connection, Clarity & Manifestation

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

I began journaling as a tool to release my colliding thoughts. I felt I had so much going on in

my mind that I needed to just get it out and on paper. I wasn’t aware of meditation at the time and felt that I needed to release and let go. I was working so hard, had three kids at home, was overwhelmed and unhappy with work and my career, was feeling uninspired and needed to process all that I was feeling. Committing my thoughts to paper felt like the most logical way to do so.

Over the years I have developed different journaling methods that help whatever I am currently processing:

1. Journal to Release. I like to call this free form journaling or streams of consciousness. I use this when I am feeling overwhelmed, stressed or lacking clarity. I find somewhere quiet and take 3 deep breaths. I sit quietly and wait for the first inspired thought. Sometimes I ask a question first and then write whatever comes to mind. No interrupting the streams of thought, no judging and no controlling- just being. I find some of my most inspired thoughts and profound answers through this kind of journaling.

2. Gratitude Journal. TRUE gratitude is one of the purest vibrations. Truly being grateful for someone or something without condition elicits such a pure response and emotion, it is a magnet for higher vibrations. I believe Source Energy is a constant stream of this unconditional pure consciousness. By tapping into gratitude, we are tapping into those levels of pure unconditional energy forms. I am a firm believer in the law of attraction and believe that like attracts like, so sitting in gratitude is such a powerful journaling process. When journaling gratitude it is important to truly get into the feeling of that pure gratitude. I try and write daily three lists of what I am grateful for. It could be something as simple as sleeping in under my cozy duvet, to my ability to connect to myself on deeper levels. I use gratitude journaling daily, but most specifically when I am feeling impatient or misaligned. It is a deep way of re-centering.

3. Intention Journal. So many of us live life by default. We let the day happen to us instead of taking control of the day. We are the controllers of our experience. What we experience reflects the energy that we are transmitting. It is so important to me to set an intention for my day. Not just what I want to accomplish but also how I want to feel. I want to be in control of what I can control and that is how I feel and how I respond. I start the day with three things that would make the day great; it sets the tone and focus for my day. I use this practice daily, but more specifically if I am looking for clarity or feeling overwhelmed I take back my control by setting intentions.

4. Journaling to Manifest. I truly believe that our thoughts become things and that we can shape our own realities. I believe we are all so much more powerful than we think. I use this practice when I am actively working on manifesting something specific. I journal as if it has already happened. I truly get into the feeling of what it would be like if this had already happened and decide that it is so. Because energy is fluid and like attracts like we can truly get into the energy of the manifestation before it happens we can create it in our reality. I love to have fun with this one. I grab a glass of prosecco, envision the manifestation and write it as if it has already happened. I use so much detail so that I can really cultivate the experience and the feeling. I try and remember that feeling so that I can hold onto it. I treat this one like a game and have so much fun with it!

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