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Ideas for Grounding + Raising the Vibes Right Now

I woke up today and felt...restless. I have so many ideas swirling in my head, I want to create, inspire, help others, I want to travel and embark upon new experiences but I feel..."stuck"...restless. Although borders are open here in Bermuda, because of quarantine restrictions and our general uncertainty about the state of the rest of the world, we've decided as a family not to travel at the moment. Travel used to be my escape. While I need routines to function, I crave adventure, excitement and new experiences. When you live in a small town, or for me a small island in the middle of the Atlantic, there is only so much "new" you can experience. I am very grateful to call Bermuda home, but if I'm honest, it sometimes takes a little creativity to make the best of it!

Because I am always conscious of my thoughts and mental state, I know if I dwell on this for too long, I can think myself into an anxious, low vibe mess and instead I am deciding instead to turn my mood around.

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Here are some things I did to turn my mood around, get grounded and raise my vibration:


+ clean, get organized, downsize, declutter, minimize. Having a clean + clear space is essential for me to remain mentally clear. A light + calm space instantly raises my vibe. Get rid of the excess, deep clean your space, organize + find homes for EVERYTHING. Get started with your minimalist journey with these 5 steps.

+ light some candles, palo santo, or sage. Sage is great to neutralize any negative energy while palo santo is great for setting new intentions + uplifting.

+ read a passage from the Daily Stoic. Stoicism is a great tool for remaining grounded and understanding what parameters are within our control & operating within those parameters; it is a true way of life + thinking

+ journal. Validate your feelings by writing them down; this way you can read them + understand what is causing you to feel restless or unsettled. Journaling also helps you to release negative energy that can be weighing you down.

+ pull an affirmation card. I like to first ask for guidance + then pick a card from that place of intention and use that as guidance for how to handle the restless state. My favorite cards are Super Attractor and The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein.

+ read. for FUN. I just finished reading "The Vanishing Half". I read so much self-help I forgot how fun it is to read fiction books + get lost in the story. It is a great escape! If you are looking for some new reads, check out my reading list on goodreads (User: Sue Khan)


+ move your body. As unmotivated as I was I got dressed + did a quick 18 minute ab workout. My favorite is Alive by Whitney but there are tons on youtube! On days like this, I choose a workout based on the time I feel I can commit to it. I always feel better after and know its necessary for my mental health!

+ go for a walk or spend time in nature. Bermuda is so beautfiul. A walk on the beach, through trails, or around my neighbood always puts me in the best mood.

+ stand outside barefoot. this is the act of "grounding" and is great for grounding into the rhythms of your environment around you. It is said that grounding is a great technique for syncing your internal clock when switching time zones. Pro-tip for when we can travel again.

+ make an adaptogenic latte. While matcha is usually my go-to, today I went for a golden soy latte with turmeric. Adaptogens are great sources of plant based herbs + spices that are used to regulate stress hormones + the body's healthy response to stress. They are SUPER easy to add to any latte, tea, smoothie, yogurt etc.

+ try ashwaganda. Ashwaghanda is a powerful adaptogen that is great for balancing stress levels. I prefer to purchase it in its powder form and add to my adaptogenic latte or smoothie. Its virtually tasteless so easy to blend in + reap the benefits. Moon Juice is my go to!

+ take a CBD gummy. I swear by CBD gummies from Highline wellness. The anytime gummies are great for inducing calm. I literally feel my thoughts settle rather than this constant swirl of thoughts going around in my head. Once my mind settles, I am able to be a lot clearer in my thinking and intentional in my actions.

What things do you do for raising the vibes? Do you do any of these on a regular basis?

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