• Sue Khan

How To Get Started With Minimalism: Start With One Thing

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Hey Fam! We hope you are hanging in there wherever you are in the world! Despite the current circumstances, it is a beautiful reminder of just how connected we all are and how we can come together despite borders and oceans between us to protective the collective. Today, like every Sunday, I’m cleaning, tidying, clearing the energy and preparing for the week ahead. Many of you will be joining me as businesses globally start work from home policies to help flatten the curve as we fight the virus together! I have to say, I’m actually looking forward to being at home with clear open spaces. Minimalism does it again! Minimalism is a lifestyle. It doesn't just happen overnight. Start with one category and go from there. You may have loads of books that you don't read, containers with missing tops, journals you've only written one page in or clothes you don't wear. Choose ONE category and start there. Don't try and downsize all at once. Start small. For me, my first step was clothing. I felt most overwhelmed by my clothing. Do you look in your closet and feel like you have nothing to wear? Do you look in your closet and think, "I will never wear that again"? Do you buy things because you get an email with NEW ARRIVALS in the heading? Do you buy things and never wear them?

This was me.

So I started with clothing, because it was where I was most overwhelmed. It was my worst habit! Once you downsize, it's going to be very easy to consume all over again. You'll see new things, you'll have functions you didn't prepare for or feel you have nothing to wear. The key is when this happens, scan your wardrobe first and if you don't have it, truly, then buy. And when you do buy- go for QUALITY over quantity. Get something that you absolutely LOVE and that you will wear again; something that is classic, that will transcend time and fashion. Minimalism has a lot to do with discipline, gratitude and teaching yourself to be satisfied and fulfilled with what you have. If you don't truly need it, don't buy it. And if you need it, invest in it. Make it worthwhile!

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