• Sue Khan

How To Adjust To Working From Home

Updated: Jan 13

Luckily, I have had the benefit of working from home (WFH) for a little over a year now. I’ve tried many different routines and schedules and feel like I have finally found some that work. My biggest mistake when I first started WFH life, was rolling over grabbing my laptop and working from my bed in my pyjamas. That was fun for a while, but I quickly started feeling BLAH as the days turned to weeks.

Here are some ways I have adjusted to WFH life that seem to be working.. for now

1. Get up, get dressed and enjoy a morning routine. Even if after that routine you don’t go anywhere and just sit in front of you laptop, I’ve found that getting up and getting dressed are extremely beneficial to my productivity. Getting dressed leads to a morning routine and that always sets me up for a productive day!

2. Cultivate the vibe! I like to open all of the windows, blinds, curtains so I can work in natural light. I also turn on my diffuser for added vibes. I’m diffusing a lot of doTerra’s ‘On Guard Protective Blend’ right now to keep our immunity high, but I find citrus blends to be great for lifting the energy while I work.

3. Build Playlists- always! I always go in and out of needing music as a background while I’m working, so I’m always building playlists. Stock up your Spotify with everything from old school jams, empowering songs, mellow Jhene Aiko vibes and more!

4. Put the phone down! It is so easy to stay connected while you’re at home. I’ve gotten in the habit of charging my phone in another room so that I have to get up and grab it if I really need it. It is so easy to constantly be checking in on the phone if you have it nearby. Don’t let working from home make you unproductive. It can get like the Wild Wild West out here, keep yourself in check!

5. Move your body! Again, it can be so easy to lounge ALL DAY LONG. Set time on your phone (no really, set a reminder at least twice per day) to get up and MOVE. Whether its taking a walk, doing an at home workout or just sitting outside and soaking up some sun. Don’t get stuck sitting in bed all day with your laptop. Trust me, after a week or two you will feel it (and see it). Don’t forget to MOVE!

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