• Sue Khan

Get Some Yoga Practice In– At Your Desk!

Updated: Jan 13

As we navigate through this trying time, many of us are feeling low in energy, stressed out or unfocused. Now more than ever, it’s important to put our mental and physical well-being first.

WellFests Presents: Virtual Well-Being Sync-Ups

Engage with your team, coworkers and friends with workplace wellness sessions:

  • Boost energy

  • Manage stress

  • Create healthy habits

  • Cultivate engagement

Prioritize self-care and add these quick (15-minute or less) wellness breaks into your workday! Sessions include, desk yoga, guided meditation, mindfulness techniques, visualization, and breath work. It’s easy to join from your desk or smartphone, no special equipment needed! 

Below is a video for a full desk yoga session with Shannan Slevin, founder of WellFests! The goal of this is to provide you with a quick stretch and yoga sequence that you can do right at your desk! This is a quick and easy way to cultivate some movement and meditation into your daily work from home schedule!

Register HERE and receive 30-days worth of free sessions and on-demand video access with promo code: nakedzero

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