• Sue Khan

Finding Peace

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Recently I asked our IG audience how they wanted to FEEL in 2020. The overarching theme seemed to be PEACE across the board. I resonated with this so deeply. I’ve spoken in previous posts about how I took the time to become a conscious observer in my own life and realize just how reactionary I had become. That cost me so much of my peace. Today I make protecting my peace a priority in my daily life, because I realize just how much happier I am when I don’t react to things outside of me.

I truly believe the only peace that truly exists is that of inner peace. It is our responsibility to decide the priority of peace within our lives. It is not selfish to place inner peace at the top of our priority because its effects are so impactful that it will spread to all of our other priorities. I realized that if I want to enjoy inner peace, I have to create it within me. I have to stop letting the actions of others or my personal judgments interrupt my peace.

“She didn’t show gratitude for what I did for her.” “He forgot to do something I asked of him.” “The nerve of her to think that approaching me with that BS was acceptable?” It becomes so entirely draining to take personally the actions of others. We cannot control the way others behave. What we can control is our reactions and interpretations of them. PS. I am still working at this.

The first step in achieving more inner peace is to decide that it is important. With decisions comes responsibility. It was so important for me to hold myself accountable, ask myself if something was worth disturbing my peace for and then act accordingly.

It is equally important to FORGIVE. Forgive yourself for falling short of your graces (AKA LOSING YOUR SHIT) and forgiveness for others when they encroach on your peace. I have learned to check myself (and quick) to make sure I kept my peace a priority.

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