• Sue Khan

the Naked List: Face Masks We Love!

Updated: Jan 13

Self-care has become such a buzzword I’m almost afraid to even use it, but taking the time to love on yourself is so important. I am not a huge skin care regimen girl, but I do love a good face mask. I especially love them after a long night, a day of travel or on a Sunday with a good book.

These are my top three face masks right now.

They are all slightly different and loved for different reasons.

1. Palate Polish Biodegradable Biocellulose Kombucha Infused Face Mask

I love that Palate Polish is considerate about the planet. The sheet mask itself is biodegradable. It is infused with kombucha and is made with a probiotic culture of kombucha. I love how this mask contours to the face. The package is always filled with extra serum, so I use it for a few days after.

2. Beboe Therapies CBD Face Mask

I love all things CBD and all things Beboe. Beboe is said to be the Hermes of CBD. Luxe all the way. I first got introduced to Beboe after researching CBD vape pens. Their CBD pen is blissful and is perfect for someone looking for some sleep aid or anxiety support- but back to the face mask- this luxurious mask is infused with CBD. The CBD calms the skin while other ingredients moisturize and add glow. The pattern on the mask is beautiful and is perfect for a quiet night in OD’ing on self-love vibes.

3. Orgaid Sheet Mask

MY GO TO MASK! My acupuncturist sells these in her office, so naturally, I had to give it a try. I love a face mask that doesn’t require me to wash my face after. I love these for after travel. Typically, after a long day of travel my skin feels tight and dry, so I love to slip this mask on after washing my face. The combination of ingredients is super silky and feels so nourishing to the face. You just sit and let it go to work. After you remove it, your skin feels so soft and moisturized!

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