• Sue Khan

In A Rut? How To EXPAND Your Belief of What's Possible Step By Step

Updated: Jan 13

If you want to start manifesting more rapidly, you must commit to doing the inner work first to EXPAND your belief of what is possible. Oftentimes, we are viewing our possibilities through limited lenses because society, our experiences, teachers, parents and mentors have crushed our view of what is possible. They project their experiences onto us in an effort to protect us, but in turn this distorts our belief system. This is especially important if you are raising or come in contact with small children. They are full of wonder and possibility because they are so close to source energy. Unfortunately, as they age, as we did, we think it is important to “give them a dose of reality”. This is detrimental to our success because what you think IS. It is law. We must be mindful of the thoughts we are filling ourselves (and those we come into contact with) because each repetition is shaping our belief system – for better or for worse.

To expand your belief of what is possible, we must start rewriting our stories.

  1. Take a piece of paper and fold it in half (length wise) down the middle.

  2. On the left hand side write down all your beliefs surrounding your dreams. Do not categorize them as good or bad, just write them down.

  3. Once you have written them down, read each one aloud and see how it makes you FEEL. Feelings and emotions are what fuel our desires and our beliefs.

  4. If they FEEL good write it on the right hand side of the page.

  5. For those that do not feel good, make you feel small and/or limited rewrite them in a way that feels optimistic.

  6. Tear away the left hand side so that you are only left with your feel good beliefs. This is your new story and your new reality.

  7. Put these beliefs somewhere you can see them daily.

  8. Read them often, affirm them and remind yourself daily that it is so. In moments when you feel despair or losing site of your dreams, remind yourself of your new story. Remember your job is to align yourself with the energy of your dreams and to do so you must have a solid belief system to support it.

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