• Sue Khan

Earth Day 2020

Updated: Jan 13

Naked Zero is a business that was started to intentionality reduce waste, consumption and promote sustainability in our day to day lives. This virus has made me take a long hard look at not just our business model, but also how the impacts of COVID-19 (in its aftermath) can fundamentally change or reverse some of the momentum the sustainable movement has had to date.

Is naked shopping (selling items without wrappers) a thing of the past? Is bulk buying a wrap for the foreseeable future? Are we going to have to revert to disposing more to avoid future spread? Disposable utensils and menus in restaurants? Packaging that can be thrown out so that the virus cannot live in our homes once purchased?

Alternatively, despite the death and devastation the virus has caused, the Earth has been given much reprieve from humans constant taxation of it. Less flights, slower transit, lower pollution, less noise, all giving us more flowing streams and clearer skies. Is this the much needed break the Earth needed?

This also makes me question– will the Earth always right itself to preserve its longevity? Is this a signal that if we don’t do our part as humans the Earth will do it for us at an unknown cost to us; this time- sickness?

Will this now awaken the minds and hearts and raise awareness to those who didn’t believe that the Earth was in a state of emergency and that something had to be done?

What if instead of increasing disposables we started bringing our own everything everywhere? Our own water bottles, utensils, napkins and cups? What if this became the norm because it was our only option for the Earth and for our health?

It’s hard to really fathom the degree to which this virus is going to change our world in the immediate and distant future. Despite the tragedy, there are glimmers of hope for a healthy Earth and healthy population.

I hope we all commit in some way to maintain some of the peace and recovery the Earth has experienced during this time. Think of the cost we paid for the Earth to rebalance. Let’s all come together and do the small things in our daily lives to do what we can to maintain so that we don’t have to pay a bigger price.

HERE are some ways you can make a small impact.

Happy Earth Day!

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