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Breathwork With Ava

Updated: Jan 13

We talked to Ava Johanna (breathwork + transformational coach) about her experience with breathwork and how she uses it everyday. Here's what she had to say:

1. what exactly is breathwork?

AJ: There are dozens of different styles of breathwork and the techniques I specifically teach stem from yogic pranayama. Breathwork, as a whole, is a practice of actively controlling the breath to enhance and shift your emotional and physiological state. There are breathwork practices like equal ratio breathing that turn on your parasympathetic response (rest + digest) to support the body in recovery and there are also styles like bhastrika (bellows breath) that activate more energy and a higher heart rate in the body. I love yogic pranayama techniques because they are incredibly gentle and safe to do at home for the average student.

2. what led you to breathwork?

AJ: After completing my yoga teacher training, I was looking for the next spiritual high. I had found connection through my body, but as a Scorpio on a quest for knowledge, I wanted to go deeper and see what else I could uncover. Breathwork, for me, was a tool in awakening my own inner guidance, clearing out old energy and cleaning the slate so I could consciously create the world around me.

3. how has breathwork transformed your life?

AJ: Breathwork and meditation have completely changed my life from how I show up in my relationships to the money in my bank account. They are the ultimate tools at coming home to yourself, letting go of the outside world and creating from a place of intuitive guidance. With this practice, not only have I greatly decreased my stress levels, but I've also enhanced my creativity, confidence and intuition which I use in all areas of life.

4. in what circumstances do you find yourself using breathwork?

I use breathwork every morning before my meditation to support me in clearing my head of the constant chatter so I can quickly tune into my own inner guidance and intuition. If I am feeling stressed, anxious, or emotionally reactive, I also use breathwork to bring my nervous system back to a state of parasympathetic response. 

On June 1st, Ava will be offering a 6 week breathwork course. This is perfect for beginners new to breathwork + existing movement teachers. Be sure to follow Ava (@avajohanna) and check out her podcast The Alchemized Life (@thealchemizedlife)

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