• Sue Khan

Be A Little Brave Every Single Day

Updated: Jan 13

I have this vision of owning an empire that serves women.. inspiring them to wake up to their own life and actively participate in the co-creation of life on their own terms consciously and with intention. The goal seems so lofty and I don't know how or what it looks like, but I know what I want to do for thousands, even millions of women across the world. For those women who feel close to burnout, who feel every day is monotonous, who are looking for a little bit of magic, who have buried their passions so deeply they don't even know where their purpose lies. The goal seems almost too philosophical in nature, but it is a goal and with the universe behind me, it will happen in some way, shape or form.

What has always paralyzed me in the past from making this dream a reality is the gravity of the end goal. It caused this sense of overwhelm of where to start and what to do to get there, which eventually landed with paralysis of action and creativity and further burial of that dream.

What I realize now is that the “HOW” isn't for us to decide. The Universe in its limitless nature sees possibility our limited lenses do not. All we have to do is commit to being a little brave every single day. Write that blog post. Speak that dream out loud. Order the equipment. Join the panel. Take the course. Show up for yourself. Show up for your family. Whatever being “brave” looks like for you. Do that consistently- every day and watch the legacy that is built in the wake of your bravery.

How are you committing to be a little bit braver today?

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