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Adaptogens + Elixirs For Beginners

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Quality is important when it comes to adaptogens.

Here are my go-tos for the highest quality adaptogen blends. I often just add nut milk, spices and a splash of vanilla to any of the blends for a stress busting, beauty beaming elixir!

1. BY ERIKA ELIZABETH – All of these blends are AMAZING but my favorite is ROSE. I have heard that rose has the highest vibration in a plant. I’ve found the most calming benefits when consuming consistently and believe it or not it has multiples of Vitamin C!

2. MOON JUICE – I’m obsessed with their “dusts”! Moon juice combines various adaptogens and herbs to create “dusts” for things like sleep, sex, beauty concentration etc. Whenever I’m in Venice, I have to stop at their location for snacks and a latte with their dusts! If you shop online, they send samples with every order!

3. SUN POTION – Sun potion has a number of single herbs and mushrooms that I love to add to my elixirs. I love adding their tocos to my elixirs for all the skin boosting benefits and to make the blends super creamy!


– I absolutely LOVE how these blend into any nut milk so smooth and so perfectly blended! My favorite is their bliss booster! It is the best spicy hot chocolate, that calms the body and is super nourishing and comforting especially during the winter months!

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