• Sue Khan

A Bit Of Silver Lining...

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

I’m sure we can all collectively agree that being forced to stay at home due to the threat of a virus (that could potentially harm someone you love) is a tad depressing. BUT, I do believe that there will be some interesting emerging themes during and in the aftermath. The sudden threat of this virus has caused many businesses to accelerate plans, innovate on the fly, offer new services and change their business models.

For entrepreneurs, it is a chance to be creative and find solutions to problems that are arising in such a strange and uncertain time. I’ve seen yoga studios launch online platforms, personal trainers train hundreds of people live from their living room, mass meditations and group coaching sessions surge.

For employees this could be a chance to create a solution for your employer. This could be the start of more virtual work environments. I mean, hello it’s 2020, we should be a more ‘results driven’ work force rather than ‘presence driven’. We all know that having butts in seats doesn’t equal more productivity.

If you are a business owner, homeowner, employee, anybody… now could be the time to find something new to delve into. A new hobby, interest, business idea that you haven’t yet explored, solution that your employer has not yet found.

I’m kind of excited to see what emerges from this time. I hope to see a surge in innovation. At the very least I hope that it proves to employers the benefit of virtual environments that may allow for more flex-time. For those that may have been cut hours or made redundant, I hope this time leads you to the next level of your life as you search for solutions. Who knows what is waiting on the other side!

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