• Sue Khan

5 Ways I Protect My Peace

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

1. Release Daily with Intention. Stop making self-care another item on your to-do list. Truly use it as a tool to release and maintain. Journal, meditate, cry, dance, sing, cuddle. Whatever it is you do to release, do it and make it a daily practice to release and restore.

2. Boundaries. It is so important to establish boundaries for yourself and other people. People only do what we allow. Establishing healthy boundaries is important to protect your sanity

3. Silence. There is so much beauty and peace in stillness and quiet. It is when I truly feel my connection to something greater. There is a feeling in the air that you absorb when you sit in quiet stillness and reflection. That to me is true peace.

4. Get outdoors. There is something peaceful about embracing the outdoors. Grounding barefoot in nature, sitting by the ocean, watching the stars. You truly feel how small you are in this big world, which gives perspective into the small daily occurrences that we let disturb our peace. Combine this with silence and feel pure bliss!

5. Stoicism. Study the teachings of Marcus Aurelius. This is new for me. While I don’t have a ton to share at the moment, I hope that I will be able to do a blog post dedicated to the teachings of stoicism in the near future!

6. Happy Not Perfect APP. Okay this is MY FAVORITE! It gives you daily happiness exercises like goal setting, journaling, brain games, gratitude posts, quotes, service etc. daily that help to build your happiness muscle! I really do look forward to it every day!

Lastly, take the pressure off of self-care, morning routines, etc. Use these practices consistently, but as you see fit. Don’t get caught up in making them another scheduled item or checklist on your daily to-do list. Sometimes we get so caught up in making sure we are living “right” that we forget to actually live. It creates unnecessary stresses and anxieties that prevent us from perfect balance. Stop judging yourself most of all and remember to live. We are all human. We are all having this human experience collectively. Don’t waste it. Enjoy it. Prioritize it.

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