• Sue Khan

4 Ways Social Distancing Actually Works in Your Favor

Updated: Jan 13

We are following all the rules (re: social distancing) and believe that it will work to slow the spread of the virus and flatten the curve. We also kind of like a few of the unintended side effects as a result.

Here are 4 ways social distancing can work in your favor!

1. No more awkward handshakes and kisses. I don’t know about you, but I hate mixing and mingling and having to shake hands and kiss babies. My husband is such a social butterfly, but I am always so awkward when someone goes in for the cheek kiss. And don’t let them get fancy and give me a double kiss on both cheeks. AWKWARD!

2. No need to visit the in-laws. I actually really love my in-laws so much that I forget that my sister in law isn’t actually my real sister. She’s added to all MY family group chats and is adopted as everyone’s niece/aunt/sister too. But if you’re trying to duck yours, now’s your free shot! Use it while you can!

3. No more birthday parties. If you’re a mom you know how easily our kids social calendars get filled up with birthday parties! The kids have so much fun, but sometimes its every weekend, every day of the weekend! Social distancing means facetime parties and I’m here for it! I hope this doesn’t last forever, but I’m enjoying the break!

4. School extra curriculars…from HOME! Dreams do come true! You mean my daughter can get violin lessons, gymnastics stretches and football drills all virtually for the next three weeks and I can stay at home? Yes, please! Again, I hope this isn’t the way forward, but knowing this is an option is a dream. Hopefully teachers will continue to upload lessons virtually. This will be super handy during school breaks, travel and off seasons!

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