• Sue Khan

the Naked List: 4 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed While Working From Home

Updated: Jan 21

1. Beekeepers Naturals B-Shot – This royal jelly shot is an all natural boost of energy when you need it. I love to take it just before I sit down at my computer before beginning work as it gives me a bit of focus and energy to start the day with a bang! It is all natural and doesn’t give me the jitters that caffeine does or the crash for that matter. It is also great for the lagging few hours before bedtime with the kids (in case you need some energy to power through)!

2. Sweet Reason CBD Sparkling Water – Need a dose of chill? If you’re feeling a little bit of anxiety managing work from home life and everything that comes with it (especially if you were thrown into it suddenly or its new to you), these sparkling waters give you 7mg of CBD in one bottle. Grapefruit and Lavender are my favorite flavors!

If you’re in Bermuda you can grab them at Health Infusion!

3. Perfect Bars (or any other health bar alternative) – Listen, snacks can be your friend or your enemy when working from home! The kitchen is only a few feet away, its so easy to snack, snack, snack! Always have a stack of healthy alternatives for when the hunger strikes! My go-tos are Perfect Bars, full of clean healthy ingredients and super filling!

Order your healthy snacks online with Dropit.bm!

4. Tea – It is super important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Since you’ll be ditching convos around the water cooler, spoil yourself with a good tea to break up your usual water routine. Green tea is my fave because its naturally energy inducing, but I’m also a big fan of hibiscus teas. Also homemade lemon ginger tea is tops!

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