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4 Things I Don't Own As A Minimalist

#Minimalism is about so much more than stuff. For me it's a way of living that promotes organization, intention, peace and tranquility. It's a really practical way of living that emphasizes the experience and journey over the things that fill up our lives (and our homes).

The very first thing I did when starting my #minimalist journey was to downsize my wardrobe. But what I quickly realized was more important than downsizing was switching my mindset around owning "things" and avoiding being a "serial purger".

How many of us purge a shxt ton after every season? That isn't living a #minimalist lifestyle; that's just deep cleaning with the season. Instead, I aim to not consume things I don't need and REALLY think about if I need something before purchasing it.

Here are 4 things I DON'T own as a #minimalist that has really made it easy NOT to become a "serial purger" and instead be extremely conscious about what I do purchase:

  1. BOOKSHELVES - For me bookshelves are clutter magnets so I don't have one. I do instead have a shelf in my closet where I keep a handful of lifechanging books that I refer to often and intend to pass on as gifts to my children when they are ready for them. Instead, I opt for digital books on my kindle or I pass the books on once I've finished reading them.

  2. HOME DECOR - I keep my home decor at a minimum and rarely purchase new decor AKA "just for show" items. Countertops and table tops are mostly clear because I want it to be as easy as possible to wipe all surfaces every morning. I don't want to waste time I could be spending with myself, family or friends cleaning, dusting and maintaining those just for show home decor pieces. It also gives the house a open, calm feel because it isn't cluttered with decor.

  3. DUPLICATES - Since becoming a minimalist, I try very hard not to own duplicates. Two pairs of black pants, two pairs of the same wash in skinny jean, two nude body suits. I really don't want to have to think twice or have any decision fatigue when having to pick out something to wear. I absolutely hate the mindset of "not having anything to wear" when I have a closet full of clothes. The truth is, you're just overwhelmed by choices or feel the need to purchase for every occasion likely from some sort of social conditioning. I also don't want to deal with the maintenance of a full wardrobe. When tempted to purchase I consider if I already have it before I buy it and try my best to subscribe to a capsule wardrobe.

  4. DRAWERS - I personally find that drawers hide things and are another magnet for clutter. Rather than having multiple chests of drawers to house my clothing, I instead hang everything I in my closet and designate a basket for socks and under clothes that I can't hang. Yes, I even have somewhere I hang my pajamas. This way I always know what I have and where it is. If it isn't hanging in the closet it is either in the laundry or I don't have it. This makes getting dressed super easy, because I created a capsule wardrobe I know that I will feel confident in anything I grab while forcing me to limit purchasing unnecessary items.

Do you want to adopt a minimalist lifestyle? Did any of these surprise you?

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