Naked Zero Wellness - The Return

Naked Zero Wellness - The Return

Hey Fam,

It's been a while...

First off, for those reading, thank you for being interested in the "return" of Naked Zero. It has been a wild year for everyone and I appreciate all of you that have stuck around and supported me through this time. Much has change, yet so much has remained the same. Most importantly, my commitment to my own wellness and to sharing that with others.

What I also found as I was navigating through the ups and downs of COVID was that there was still a gap for relatable and approachable wellness for high performing women that includes not only products but also lifestyle routines and practices. Yes, there are community meditations, yoga classes, stores that sell CBD but where is the "go-to" place curated particularly for women to support their wellness and well-being goals, while also being conscious of the Earth and the impact that our consumption has on it?

As I navigated through the pandemic, I researched and tried many products and routines to help me manage the level of uncertainty that became the "new normal". I found several that helped me physically and mentally and felt urged to share. It has always been important to me to share my wellness journey and to support women who too want to prioritize their wellness and well-being.

Wellness is so much more than a cup of matcha, an early bedtime, an organized home and a journal for your thoughts. It is all of those things and more. It is a tough balance that takes time, work and commitment, but that is so much easier when you have guidance and direction. The work always pays dividends: in reclaimed time, mental capacity, peace of mind, love for self and others all while being more present without guilt.

It is my goal, with the return of Naked Zero Wellness, that I provide all the tools, products, lifestyle routines and practices that I have learned, practiced and implemented to achieve wellness and well-being to anyone interested. It is a constant practice and is something that I work at everyday.

The return of Naked Zero Wellness, begins with our latest drop - a curated collection of wellness products designed specifically for high performing women looking to start, embrace, restart or further their wellness journey. I have tried, tested and implemented these products into my wellness routines and now I want to share them with you.

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As always, you will find a review under many of our new products that include my thoughts on the product, how I use them and why I love them!

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Welcome back, fam! There is so much to come!


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