Happy October - How I Set Goals Monthly! Plan With Me

Happy October - How I Set Goals Monthly! Plan With Me

I absolutely LOVE the start of a new month. It is the perfect time to refresh, restart and set new goals. While everyday is a chance to start fresh, there is something about a new month that feels like a brand new book to be filled with goals, memories, highlights, habits. It's provides a window to reflect and let go of the month before and release anything that may have transpired contrary to our desires, while also reflecting, celebrating and learning.


There's something about about the anticipation of cold weather, coziness, shorter days and longer nights that makes me turn inward. I spent some time this morning setting goals for myself and realized that not a single one was business focused. While I will continue to consistently work on business goals, it feels right to detach the outcome of those goals from my personal growth and instead focus on intentionally growing for me. Just for me.


My word for October is: FLOW


Flow for me means being in alignment, flowing effortlessly because I am conscious of my emotions and vibrations, moving consistently, slow and steady --- reaping the rewards along the way and doing it for no other purpose but that it brings me peace and joy.


Goals for this month:

  1. Stay consistent and stick to my routines. They're like daily maintenance in preserving my vibes. It all counts. Its all intentional. Its all about alignment. Routines for me are a way of maintaining my energy and my peace.

  2. Be more present with others. I can be very present with myself, but find myself easily distracted with others because selfishly I am focusing on myself - again. Pretty sure that's the definition of selfish. Reading messages while on a phone conversation, sneaking a read of my book while watching a movie with my family, texting on my phone while waiting for dinner. I rob myself of some beautiful moments when I cloud them with distractions. To be more present is to more fully feel the moments. There's something about the Fall that makes me want to be fully engulfed in the moments.

  3. Exercise an even temper. I spend a lot of time reading and studying Stoic philosophy. I read a passage from the Daily Stoic everyday to be reminded how to remain balanced, despite the circumstances. Good or "bad". There is always a solution. Patience is important. Being compassionate with myself and others. Being consistent. All of these allow things to unfold as they should. Our only job is to ask for what we desire and then settle into the energy of receiving. Exercising an even temper and approach despite the circumstances shows the trust I have in myself, my beliefs, my intuition that all unfolds as it should.

I love to read and have found myself devouring books lately! Here's my current reading list if you want to join me


Books on the list for this month:

  1. The Mountain Is You, Brianna West

  2. 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think, Brianna West

  3. Good Vibes Good Life, Vex King

  4. How To Win Friend and Influence People, Dale Carnegie (I plan to listen to this one audible while I work)

  5. All Your Perfects, Colleen Hoover (I'm currently obsessed with Colleen Hoover books, they are fiction romance novels but they are SO good! Love reading them in the morning after my morning routine while having a cup of tea before everyone wakes! BLISS!)

If you are interested in how I plan and journal at the start of the month, continue reading. I hope that you take some time out before things get busy this month to reflect on the month prior and plan for the month to come. If you are looking for some ideas for a guided journaling session, check out the points below:



  • Summarize the prior month in one word

  • Rate from 1-5 how well you did taking care of yourself and working towards your goals

  • List all the highlights you can from prior month

  • What did you learn?

  • Where can you improve?

  • What are you most proud of?


  • 3 Personal Goals

  • 3 Family Goals

  • 3 Professional Goals

  • 3 Financial Goals

  • Summarize TOP 3 (these are the goals you for sure want to accomplish in the month)

The last thing I do each month is to refresh my physical and digital space as well as check in with all my finances and investments. See below for my monthly checklist. It really helps me to feel like I have a clean slate and fresh start both phsyically and mentallly!

  • Clean the house, remove all items off counter and table tops

  • Mark all emails as read

  • Delete unwanted emails (For the first week of the month I police my inbox and unsubscribe from any unwanted lists)

  • Create monthly calendar (include any important dates, holidays, due dates, kids activities etc.)

  • Unfollow/Mute any triggering or negative social media accounts


  • Check in on investments last month vs current month

  • Make investment transfers/payments (always pay yourself first!)

  • Pay bills/credit cards etc.

Focusing on myself, my family and my finances at the start of each month makes me feel like I am taking the outcome into my own hands. It keeps them top of mine and keeps me focused as I go through the month.


Tag me on instagram @nakedzerowellness @suzannekjkhan if you read any of the books on the list or use any of the journal prompts and planning tips! I always love connect with everyone in the fam!


Happy October!



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